Apparently, I did not disable my plugins before upgrading this blog a few weeks ago. Because of that, my attempts to log in would result in a redirect to the login screen, over and over. My Google-fu searches for a solution to this issue finally led me to this: ftp to the server, re-name the plugins folder for this blog, and then attempt logging in again. Now I could update the database and proceed normally. Whew. I’ve been wanting to write about game stuff, and my nerd apathy and frustration kept me bereft and annoyed. Haha.

But, I have some great news: 42 just won a Gold W3 Award in the Games category for the Why So Serious? ARG. I am just sitting here, grinning. Today is a good day. I’m even wearing my CFB shirt!

(We also got two Silver awards, but it’s not as clear on the site as to what they’re for, etc. I believe they’re both for WSS? as well!)