The Chicago Reunion Organization Committee for Better Reunion Organizationizing...Panel  would like to welcome you to the official Chicago Hivemeet website.  Any and all ARGers are welcome -- even if you don't love bees, we'd love to meet you.  This website will be updated as more information becomes available -- very little besides the date and the general location (Chicago) is definite yet, so we are still looking for ideas and suggestions.  We look forward to seeing you there! 




*Also, Phaedra, Manager of Internal Affairs for the Panel of Non-External Affairs, a division of the Department of Redundancy Department, would like to welcome you to her very first website.  You may feel free to admire at length.  You can also go watch the Flash movie again, if you'd like.  Not that she's insufferably pleased with herself or anything.  Did she mention she learned to use Flash and made that movie in 2 hours?